Royal Cuisine | Metal Finish Tawa No 12 | TAWA-RC12

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Metal Finish, Aluminium, Hight Quality, Durable Wooden Handle

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  • The most efficient cookware item for your kitchen, metal finish tawa. This tawa is need in your kitchen to cook sweet crepes and tasty chapati’s or even dosas. You will be able to make healthy foods with minimal energy required.
  • Long Riveted Handles For Easy Pick Up – Riveted handles are known to be the sturdiest handles, due to there strong construction as they are permanently attached. This means with this tawa you will never have to worry about the handle becoming loose, breaking or having to be tightened. Strong handle attachment shall ensure that you can easily pick up or placed down the tawa and will not have any built up residue from food or water around the rivets. The handle also has a plastic coverings
  • Energy Saving Tawa – With even heat distribution surfaces and Metal Finish properties, you will also be saving energy. Food will be cooked to your requirements with minimal energy used; therefore, even if you have last minute guests or extra guests, you will be able to make something tasty in minutes.

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