Easy Clean, Food Grade, Durable Handles , Suitable For All Heat Sources, Non Stick


Durable Non-Stick Cookware With Glass Lid – Interior surface crafted from teflon coating to provide a non-stick surface; making it easy to clean and minimizes chances of food sticking to the surface. This non-stick surface casserole cookware set will allow you to cook with the least amount of butter/oil, making food much more healthy. The exterior surface of these casseroles is hard enamel which will make them very durable Ergonomic Features – Each of the casseroles have heat resistant double riveted handles to protect your fingers and hands. Being riveted means they are permanently attached and you will not have worry about them becoming loose, breaking or having to be tightened. Lids of the casseroles are made from thick clear glass with a steam vent to protect food and keep it warm by locking the heat and moisture, and releasing any excess steam/water.

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Dimensions 26 × 13 cm


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